The M3 guitar - Car wont start

Car wont start

Your car has broken down even though it has only done about 50.000 miles since its last service. You try to fix it at the road side but it appears to be beyond repair. You slowly accept the inevitable. You have to walk.

Walking bass lines

One of the most characteristic sounds in jazz is that of the double bass walking in swing feel. It defines the pulse of the band without the need for a drummer.

All the Things You Are (mp3) is arguably the king of standards (personally I am not too keen on it but there is just no way you can call yourself a jazz musician if you don't know it). On my recording, which includes the backing of a double bass generated by midi, I play the melody almost exactly as it is written so that the bass line stands out clearly. I am well aware that the arrangement is not very exciting. It is a good example of what a standard sounds like if you play it straight out of a fake book. More often than not you have to add something to the written version in order to make it interesting.