The M3 guitar - A break at Fleet services

A break at Fleet Services

Some 10 miles outside the M25, and with another 40 miles to go down the M3 before reaching Southampton, it is time to stock up on Bounty Bars and Coke of the fluid kind.

Oles Cooper S (137KB)


The M3 Guitar Players

Ralph Patt -- pioneer of the instrument, started back in the mid 60s
Patrick Zemb -- from France, started in 1983
Brian Berge -- started in 2000. Check his skateboard injuries!

Music and Guitar related

M3 Roadworx -- my one-man band on DMusic with free high-quality mp3s
Allan Holdsworth -- baddest guitar solo ever on "Devil take the hindmost"
Carvin guitars -- outstanding instruments at affordable prices
Jazz Guitar Resources -- section on 7-strings, good general info
Ztar midi guitars -- keyboards, really, in the disguise of guitars. Very interesting
Highly strung -- online strings retailer based in the UK
Tablature Editor -- used for the transcriptions on this site. Free viewer available
Cyber Fret -- a list of guitar lessons available online
Guitar Principles -- the thoughts of the very profound Jamey Andreas
Alternate tunings -- mindblowing site by American university professor Bill Sethares
Patek style banjo -- alternative tunings for banjo, also uses clock notation
Drummer World -- hundreds of pictures of beautiful drumkits and their trendy owners
Jazz in Leeds -- Nigel Slee's site


Bill&Teds excellent online adventure -- a most bodacious and generally excellent site
Leningrad Cowboys -- Finnish band with a taste for tractors and vodka. Try their sibercard
Framley Examiner -- what your local newspaper should be like
Air guitar -- the Philson Stratoblaster, made from the finest oxygen in the U.S.
Scamorama -- absolutely hilarious, "should we call it a goraffe or a girilla?"
Ren & Stimpy -- dedicated to one of the funniest cartoons ever
Rocko's modern world -- a cartoon fan page

Surely you can't be serious

Rock Star Baby -- a line of baby clothing by Tico Torres of Bon Jovi
House Gymnastics -- the name says it all. Truly bizarre

Serious sound

3d audio links -- a very comprehensive list compiled by David Wareing
Ambiophonics -- Ralph Glasgal's idea of the perfect sound reproduction system
The Stereo Dipole -- developed during my post-doc years in Tokyo and Southampton