The M3 guitar - Look ahead

Look ahead

It is important to keep your distance, particularly when the visibility is poor. You must be prepared for whatever is in front of you.


When you are getting slightly ahead of yourself you are said to be using anticipation. The idea is to give a chord change a surprise value by playing it a little earlier than expected. For example, if you start soloing over a certain chord a fraction of a second before the rest of the band gets to it, you will sound, for a very short while, 'out' in a hip kind of way.

Herbie Hancock's classic tune Maiden Voyage (mp3, pdf, tef) uses a bass riff which comes in early all the way through. In my recording you will be able to hear the bass riff only during the intro since I have given priority to the melody. This is the only tune I have recorded with a chorus effect. It is also the only tune I play with my fingers without using a pick.

Joy Spring (mp3) is an AABA tune in which the key changes between the different sections are set up early by two-five-ones. A midi backing band is included on the recording to make the relatively complicated chord sequence easier to follow.