The M3 guitar - Sportscar


Do you consider a car a means of transportation or a way to impress the girls as you cruise around the city square? Some say looks aren't everything, I say horsepower is.

7-string guitars

7-string guitars are played mainly by young males with dodgy haircuts and bad attitudes. The extra string is usually a low B, a fourth below the E on the 6th string. When a generous amount of distortion is added to the overall sound, the result is a powerful low-end boost, a sort of turbo-charged grunge effect. For this reason, most 7-strings are designed for the heavy end of rock music. Unfortunately, 7-strings have gone out of fashion over the last couple of years, and only a few models are still being made by the major manufacturers. Custom hand-made instruments are very expensive (prices typically start at $5000) so they don't represent a practical alternative for amateur musicians.





Strat 7


Carvin still sell the DC727 and the DC747, and ESP still make the Black Viper 407, but the Squier Stratocaster 7, the Schecter Jazz-7, and the Ibanez Artstar are no longer in production. If you are looking for a budget 7-string guitar your best bet is to go hunting for it on the Internet. The chance of seeing a 7-string when you walk into a guitar store is pretty slim nowadays.

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